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The exciting thing about having your own website and email list is that you can always add and promote new products and programs to give yourself a raise anytime you want.

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DubLi Network is an amazing opportunity that is helping millions of people save money on the products and services they normally buy, while providing many others like myself and my team members financial freedom through their very lucrative business compensation plan.

I love the money I save using DubLI, but what excites me most is the business. In fact, I just got started with it recently, and DubLi Network has already become my #1 income stream.

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Why am I doing this?

I can personally refer hundreds of new DubLi Network members every year – without lifting a finger – simply by promoting DubLi Network on my top ranked home business website.

However, DubLi Network is different and provides a compensation plan which rewards me more when I help others advance through DubLi Network’s top leadership ranks to become Team Coordinators, Sales Directors and Vice Presidents in the company.

In fact, as soon as I help just 5 people become Vice Presidents in DubLi Network, they buy me a multi-million dollar house in the Grand Caymen free and clear – as a leadership bonus.

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So I’ve decided to achieve the rank of Senior Vice President in DubLi Network and earn my bonus home in Grand Caymen. To do that, I need to help just 5 people become Vice Presidents in DubLi Network.

That’s exactly why I’m giving away most of my personal DubLi Network referrals.

You see, I’ve been in this business for over 15 years now, and I’ve seen countless very capable and motivated people struggle to refer new members to the companies they join. It’s sad, but 90% of the members of most network marketing companies never refer a soul.

That’s motivated me to change things… I’ve been blessed in that I have developed a reputation online that attracts hundreds of people to my website every day who are already looking for and determined to join a legitimate home business.

These days I don’t have to work or talk to anyone about business, and I still get many new members signing up for all of the different programs I recommend on my website every day.

So when I looked at DubLi Network’s compensation plan, and amazing bonus of a FREE multi-million dollar house in the Caymen Island’s simply for helping 5 people become a Vice President, I simply put 2 and 2 together… I decided to start giving away all of the DubLi Network referrals that come through my top ranked home business website every day – to build my team quickly and earn DubLi Network’s top prize – faster than it’s ever been done!

This is an opportunity like nothing you’ve seen before…

First, you have the opportunity to join DubLi Network today which is the single best developed online home business opportunity that I’ve seen in all my years in this industry.

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My personal commitment is to develop 5 new Vice Presidents and 72 new Sales Directors in DubLi Network within the next 90 days. Where do you fit in to this picture?

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Stone Evans
Stone Evans, The Home Biz Guy
– Developer of the Plug-In Profit Site

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