Do you really provide free website hosting? What’s included?

When you qualify for the Plug-In Profit Site, my company will host your website free for life. It’s a long story actually… I’ve been building and improving the Plug-In Profit Site for many years now. It started out as a service where new members were required to join a specific hosting company in order to qualify to receive my free website setup service. After many years of providing my service that way, I decided that I could offer a better value to people by starting my own hosting company and providing free hosting for Plug-In Profit Site members. This way, you don’t have to pay hundreds of dollars per year to host your website.

It’s more work and requires a much larger financial investment on my part, but at the end of the day my intention is to build win-win partnerships for life, and one way that I can contribute to this is to make sure your website is ALWAYS up for the world to see, and that you never have to pay anything more than the cost of a domain name registration. Of course, my hosting company also provides everything you’d get from other top hosting companies online, so even though it’s free, you will still be getting the very best website hosting available.

You will get your own hosting account cPanel (see demo) where you can control and customize your website further, including the amazing Softaculous Apps Installer (see demo) which allows you to instantly and easily add hundreds of free scripts and tools to your website with point and click ease. My hosting company also provides 99.9% guaranteed uptime with blazing fast speeds for your website, so your visitors will never be disappointed.

Yes, you get all of this and more for FREE when you become a Plug-In Profit Site member.

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