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Stone Evans

Please read the entire message below very carefully. It provides essential information and a one-time offer that will dramatically accelerate your success.

Your website will be amazing. You will love it. It will become an asset to you and your family for the rest of your life if you follow the steps I show you inside my 30 Days to Success guide that you’ll receive once I welcome into to the Plug-In Profit Site member’s area here.

30 Days to Success

In addition to building your website, I can also turn you into a real marketing PRO overnight.

Pay close attention… This is really cool!

There is some additional work I can do for you today that will transform you from an online newbie (if that’s what you are), into a TRUE professional online marketer in the next 24 hours.

This extra work is what I’m now calling the “Instant Expert Marketer Pro Upgrade“, and it is only available while I’m building your website today.

Let me show you how it works…

One of the main ways that I promote my website to get interested visitors is having professional home business training articles written for me by a very, very good ghostwriter.

The next step is adding those articles to the blog section of my website.

I’ll be setting up a blog section on your website too.

However, adding interesting great content to your website is not enough to get the search engines or anyone else interested in your site. In fact, you could add the most amazing content in the world to your site, but if you don’t do the “marketing stuff” to get your site connected to search engines and social media, nobody is ever going to find out about it, and you’re not going to get visitors. If you don’t get interested visitors, you won’t make money.

What I can setup for you today is a strategy that will start attracting truly interested visitors to your website regularly using one of the most effective forms of no-cost online marketing – content distribution!

You see, informative home business training articles are valuable. Millions of people want to learn how to start a home business. When you become the provider of authority content on this subject, and start publishing that content on different social media services that link back to your website, you will start getting regular visits from real people who find value in what you are offering, and then they will take an interest in what’s presented on your website.

This is my “secret formula” for making easy money – without paying for advertising!

Plus, once you add valuable content to your website, and then connect that content to the most important social media networking sites, search engines will start paying attention to your website and ranking your pages higher for the words that your content contains.

This is another way you’ll get more interested visitors without paying for any advertising! 🙂

If all that sounds Greek to you, don’t worry… You don’t have to understand to benefit from it. For example, even if you don’t understand car engines I bet you can still drive a car, right?

In the next 24 hours, I can set you up as a internet marketing professional overnight and completely develop for you (and implement) a professional content marketing campaign that will attract visitors and provide ongoing benefits to you for the rest of your website’s life!

Now let me tell you exactly what I’m going to do for you today…

First, my personal ghostwriter (the one who writes most of my articles) has prepared a fresh package of 10 high-quality home business training articles that I can give you today as YOUR OWN articles. You can take these articles, add your name as the author and publish them on your own site or other sites online to become a “home business expert” instantly.


And that’s just the beginning…

Next, I’m going to publish each of your 10 brand new home business training articles in a professional article directory that I will setup on your website for you today.

Normally, your website won’t include this article directory or the home business training articles, but when you take advantage of this offer, I will setup all of this for you today!

The next thing I’m going to do is install a very powerful WordPress plugin on your website called Jetpack. You can learn more about Jetpack here.

To be honest, installing Jetpack is not that difficult. It only take a few minutes and a few clicks. I’m sure you can do this quite easily yourself if you really want to.

However, configuring Jetpack to do what you need is what’s challenging for many people…

That is what I’ll be doing for you today when you take advantage of the one time offer I’m presenting to you here. I’ll take care of all the the technical programming for you.

Here’s the configurations I’m going to setup inside of Jetpack on your website:

I will connect Jetpack to so that you’ll have accurate visitor stats at your fingertips. There are many plugins and services that provide statistics, but data can be overwhelming. Stats makes the most popular metrics easy to understand through a clear and attractive interface. I’ll set this up for you.

The next thing that will be setup for you is Jetpack’s “Enhanced Distribution” feature. Jetpack will automatically take the great published content from your blog or website and share it instantly with third party services like search engines, increasing your reach and traffic.

The next thing I configure on your site is the Jetpack “Likes” function. Likes allow your readers to show their appreciation for your posts and other published content using their accounts. Your readers will then be able to review their liked posts from

Displayed below your posts will be how many people have liked your posts and the Gravatars of those who have liked them.

This is a feature that starts turning your website into a community where you get feedback and support from people who read your content.

The next thing I turn on for you is Jetpack’s “Monitor” funcioning. Nobody likes downtime, and that’s why Jetpack Monitor is on the job, keeping tabs on your site. As soon as any downtime is detected, you will receive an email notification alerting you to the issue. That way you can act quickly, to get your site back online again! Jetpack will also let you know as soon as your site is up and running, so you can keep an eye on total downtime.

The next function I’ll setup for you is Jetpack’s “Related Posts”. Related Posts shows additional relevant links from your site under your posts. If the feature is enabled, links appear underneath your Sharing Buttons and Likes. My experience with this function is that it causes my visitors to move around and visit more of my pages. Whenever you get people staying on your site longer and interacting with your content more, that’s a good thing!

The next, and I think the most important function I’ll be configuring for you is the “Publicize” function of Jetpack. This is where I connect your content to social media so you can build an audience and attract a steady stream of interested visitors to your website.

Publicize allows you to connect your blog to popular social networking sites and automatically share new posts. I’ll be setting up your website and configuring it to post your new content to 5 of the most powerful social media and blog network sites including: Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Path and Google+

I will actually be creating NEW accounts for you that correspond with your websites on these 5 networking service to instantly transorm your website into a “broadcasting station” that automatically connects your content to the world!

In fact, when you take advantage of the one time offer that is presented on this page, the 10 new home business training articles that have been ghostwritten for you will be added to your own website article directory, and then instantly and automatically published to the 5 social networking services listed above.

Plus, every new post you make or article you add to your website in the future, will automatically get posted to these 5 big social networking services too!

This is how you get interested visitors (without advertising and without paying money). You just post valuable content to your site, and let the software and programming that I setup for you do it’s job to distribute your content, add links back to your website, attract visitors from social media and increase your search engine ranking all on autopilot!

This is my “goose that laid the golden egg“.

It’s the strategy I use to get a steady stream of truly interested visitors to my website every day without paying a dime for advertising.

The truth is, I don’t like to buy advertising. It’s something you have to pay for over and over again and it’s hard to know if what you buy is going to work or not…

Instead, I consistently create informative content in the home business niche and give it away through the “broadcasting station” I’ve described to you above. It’s my content that does all the marketing for me. People read it, interact with it, visit my website, click my affiliate links and sign up for products and programs that I’m promoting.

I don’t use the phone. I don’t go to meetings. I don’t recruit friends and family.

I simply create and distribute informative content – regularly.

This is exactly what I can do for you in the next 24 hours – along with your new website! I can build your broadcasting station and transform YOU into a real internet marketing professional – literally overnight!

That said, this is not something I can do for free. There are some major hard costs and a LOT of work that goes into setting this system up.

Please don’t misunderstand me… You can still make great money with the website I’m building for you FREE today. I’ll teach you many strategies to get visitors, grow your subscriber list and make a lot of sales and money from the Plug-In Profit Site programs, and other products and programs you want to promote through your website and autoresponder.

This is just an additional offer. It’s something I can setup for you WHILE I’m building your website for you today. It’s something that will take you from a “newbie website owner” to becoming a true online markeing professional overnight!

If that’s what you want, then all you have to do is complete your order below to sign up.

Plus, on top of everything else I’ve described to you above, I’ll be installing 3 additional Premium WordPress plugins for you today that will give you the power and opportunity to build a multiple 6 or 7 figure business online.

You see, I know that once you take advantage of the “Instant Expert Marketer Pro Upgrade” described on this page, you’ll be off to the races. You’ll have more than a website… You’ll have a fully functioning business setup and working for you out of the box.

So then you’re going to want more… You’re going to want to grow…

You’re going to want to build your list FASTER…

You’re going to want to take orders on your website…

And pretty soon, you’re probably going to want to start your own membership site so you can start charging your visitors for PREMIUM CONTENT…

That’s when you create true financial freedom! You won’t be relying on a business opportunity… You’ll have your own membership site with hundreds of member paying you directly each month for the content you are providing.

And when you want any or all of those things, there are 3 products on the market that will allow you to achieve them quickly, professionally and easily through your website.

Build your subscriber list faster with OptinMonster.

Take orders on your website with Gravity Forms.

Start your own membership site with Member Press.

The good news is that I’ll be installing 3 of these Premium WordPress plugins on your website today and activating your LIFETIME license for these products when you take advantage of the one time offer presented here on this page.

These 3 products alone can cost you up to $500, but they are included (and installed for you FREE) when you order your “Instant Expert Marketer Pro Upgrade” below!

Now you’ll literally have EVERYTHING you need to build any kind of business you want (it could be big, small or in-between, and selling anything you want that excites & inspires you)!

Look, I’ve already made millions online. I’ll probably make millions more even if I stop working from all the residual income I’ve established. I’ll teach you how to do all that too.

But if you want more than learning… If you want a true “done for you” service that can take you to the top of this industry very quickly, here it is… available to you ONLY one time.

I promise that you will not see this offer at this price anywhere else ever again.

If you want this special offer, get it now, or not at all. I’m here to get things done. I’m here to serve people who know what they want and have the courage and determination to do it.

If that’s you… if you’re ready to play the game of life on a much higher level, take the upgrade below now and I’ll turn you into an online marketing professional overnight.

If you don’t want this special offer, and you want to say goodbye to it forever… you can click the link below to skip this one time offer to finish your Plug-In Profit Site application process.

Click the order button below to order the “Instant Expert Marketer Pro Upgrade” now.

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By the way, if you don’t LOVE the work that I do for you (and the results it produces), you have a full 60 days to get your money back if you want, and all you have to do is request it.

But I’m confident that you’ll truly love the work I do for you, and be excited about all the visitors you start attracting to your website through this effective content marketing system!

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You have nothing to lose except the chance to become an instant expert marketer overnight.

Stone Evans
Stone Evans, The Home Biz Guy
– Developer of the Plug-In Profit Site

Stone Evans

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